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For the Love of Dogs. 

Dog Walking Terms & Conditions. 


Listed below are the terms and conditions of our company in order for us to walk your dog. 

Please read through them carefully before signing at the end. Thank You. 

● All dogs must have a securely fitted harness. On the harness an ID tag must be present. (This is now Law) 

● All dogs must have their own pet insurance and we will need to have a photocopy of this. 

● Keys for properties will be kept in a safe place, no address details are ever kept on the key fobs. 

● All male dogs over the age of 12/18 months must be neutered. If we think there are issues arising before this we will then have a conversation with you about future walks. 

● It is beneficial to have all bitches spade as we can not walk any from when they are due in season to around 3 weeks after the last spotting. This is due to them still giving off pheromones & we do not want them to be pestered by other dogs. 

● No muzzled dogs/ aggressive dogs will be allowed on our field. This is to stop any issues arising. 

● All dogs must be well socialised away from our field as well as when they are with us. 

● All dogs are transported in crates and are kept in them for as little time as possible. 

● If veterinary procedures are required the owner and their pet insurance will be liable for any costs inured. 

● All walks are on a trial basis, if we think it is not suitable for your dog we will be honest & let you know, then we may reserve the right to suspend all further walks. 

● There will be fresh drinking water available at all times for your dog whilst they are out with us. Fresh water will also be left when we return them home.


● If your dog needs feeding once we return them home please make us aware of this. 

● Please give us as much notice as possible to book your dog walks in. We ask if you can let us know on a Friday night for the following week. This is so we can guarantee spaces & make sure we have availability. 

● We will pick up your dog, take them to our field where they can play, socialise and have a great time then return them back


● If there are places we should/should not park when picking up your dog please make us aware of this. (we dont want to upset your neighbours!)


Payments can be cash or bank transfer whichever suits you best. Payments are due at the end of a walk, weekly or monthly whichever you prefer. If you could let us know what you prefer, that would be great. 


We expect to be given 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a walk. If less than 24 hours you will still be charged fully for that hour's walk. 

If emergency (eg: vet trip) then just let us know & we can accommodate this.



If you are away on holiday or have school holidays off etc, your dogs place is still kept open. We do not have a “holding place” charge. 

Off-Lead consent: 

Please sign below to say that you (the owner of the dog) choose to give “For the Love of Dogs” permission and consent to let your dogs off lead to play, socialse and have a great time! You (the dog owner) do not hold any member of the team liable for anything happening whilst my dog is off lead participating in their services.






Key Holder:


Please sign below to agree to you (the house holder) giving full consent to “For the Love of Dogs” having a key to your property. That you understand it will be looked after and no address will be attached to the key. By agreeing to this 




Vet Treatment: 

Please sign below that (you the owner) allow “For the Love of Dogs” to be able to take your dogs to your designated vets if needed in an emergency. You also agree that you are liable for any vetinary fees that may occur and you do not hold “For the love of dogs” liable for these fees. 





Please sign below to say that you understand that “For the love of dogs” are not liable and can not be held responsible for anything that may occur involving your dog whilst under our care. 

You will also keep us updated on anything you think we need to know about your dogs behaviour, medical issues or any other factors that may influence your dog whilst out on his/her walks with us. 




Thank you so much for choosing “For the love of dogs” to take your pooch on exciting, stimulating and action packed walks. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to answer those for you.

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